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a bit about me
Having maintained an online presence since the early 1990's, most people would recognize me better as either "phule" or "cetan." The details of this dual-personality are not worth delving into, in so much as they are really mundane. Suffice it to say, I'm "phule" in some places and "cetan" in others. In real life I go by "Rob." If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached via email at

Born in Elgin in 1975, I'm an Illinois native. With the exception of my time at Valparaiso University, and a year in Indianapolis Indiana, I have not lived too far from my place of birth. Nearly all my family reside in northern Illinois and I'm happy to have roots here. Currently, I'm residing in Crystal Lake, IL with my wife, young son & daughter, and a cat named jasmine.
blogging and photography
The main focus of my online presence involves photography. I became seriously interested in photography in 2002, after borrowing my fathers Canon Rebel 2000. As I am a very curious person, I threw myself into photography with all my might. I have been striving to become a better photographer ever since. This process is as much technical as it is emotional. To that end I started a photoblog as a way to motivate myself to regularly photograph (as opposed to photographing in fits and starts). I've been updating the photoblog every weekday, which seems to fit my shooting style well.

I maintain a personal blog and photoblog, the former of which is updated with maddening infrequency. I also maintain an account on for the purposes of making something of a connection to online photography communities. My flickr stream routinely contains images not found on my photoblog.
what's in a name - part ii
Many people have asked about the origin of the name "cetan." I've included my original source of inspiration here:

Cetan by Gerald Musinsky

[Plains, Lakota]
reprinted from

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